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What’s included

  • Ready to use documents.
  • All the required policies, manual, procedures and templates as per the requirements ofISO/IEC 19077—1:2017 Information technology — IT asset management — Part 1: IT asset management systems — Requirements
  • 40+ template documents – including policies, procedures, manual, templates, and presentations.
  • Checklist.
  • Instructions to use.

12 months of unlimited email support with an expert consultant


Product Description

Product Type: Digital

File Type: MS Word File and MS Excel File

Number of documents: 50


UCS toolkit store offers readymade documents that covers the requirements of ISO standards, the documents are ready to be used by any organization by following the instructions of use. The documents are designed and created by professional consultants.

The documents do not require any further customization or edition, it is as per the ISO standards requirements and best practices in respect of design and process.

We provide continuous online support to all our clients and customers.


ISO/IEC 19770-1 Documentation toolkit covers the following manual, policies, procedures, and templates:


Documents List:



Company Name-Annexure of ITAMS-Manual

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-I List of Documented Information

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-II Glossary of Term & Definitions

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-III Process Flow Chart

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-IV Asset Policy

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-V Organization Structure

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-VI Types of Asset

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-VII Organizations strategies Plans & Objectives

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-VIII Asset Life Cycle

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-IX Asset Management System Implementation

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-X Asset Management Model

Company Name-ITAMS-Annexure-XI Asset Non-Conformance Process

Company Name-Chapters of ITAMS-Manual

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_01

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_02

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_03

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_04

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_05

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_06

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_07

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_08

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_09

Company Name-ITAMS-Chapter_10


Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-01-Risk Management

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-02-Competence & Awareness

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-03-Communication

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-04-Document & Data Control

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-05-Management of Fixed IT Assets

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-06-Business Continuity Management

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-07-Change Control

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-08-Compliance with Legal Requirements

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-09-Physical & Environmental Security

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-10-Organizational Security

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-11-Supplier Management

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-12-Internal IT Asset Audit

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-13-Management Review

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-14-Control of Non-Conforming IT Assests

Company Name-ITAMS-PRO-15-Corrective Action & Preventive Action


Company Name-ITAMS-POL-1-Asset Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-2-Backup and Restoration

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-03-Business Continuity Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-04-Change Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-05-Communication&Operations Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-06-Compliance

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-07-Incident Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-08-IT asset Risk Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-08-IT asset Risk Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-10-Patch Management

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-11-Remote Access

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-IS-01-ElectronicDevices

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-IS-02-Laptop

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-IS-03-Mobile Computing

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-IS-04-Asset Authorization & Control

Company Name-ITAMS-POL-IS-05-Working in Secured Areas


Company Name-ITAMS-1-Formats

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-01-MasterList of Documents

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-02-Change Note

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-03-Calibration Status of Instruments

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-04-Master List of Records

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-05-IT Asset Objectives Monitoring

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-06-Audit Plan Schedule

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-07-Cluase Wise Audit Review Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-08-Internal IT Asset Audit NC-Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-09-Continual IT Asset Management Improvement Plan

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-10-Corrective Action Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-11-List of IT Asset

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-12-Communication Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-13-MRM

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-14-Risk Analysis Sheet

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-15-PAR

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-16-IT Asset Register & Evaluation

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-17-Risk Assessment & Treatment Plan

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-18-Business Continuity Test Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-19-Statement of Applicability

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-20-Strategic IT Asset Management Plan

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-21-Licensing Tracker

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-22-Capacity Planning of IT Asset

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-23-Change Request Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-24-Implementation Plan Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-25-Post Implementation Review Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-26-Business Impact Assessment (BIA) questionnaire Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-27-Corrective Action and Improvement Plan

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-28-IT Test Schedule Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-29-IT Continuity Test Plan

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-30-IT Continuity Test Report

Company Name-ITAMS-2-Training Formats

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-TRG-01-Training Calendar

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-TRG-02-Employee CRS

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-TRG-03-Induction Training Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-TRG-04-Induction Training REPORT


Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-TRG-06-Skill Requirement

Company Name-ITAMS-3-Outsource Formats

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-01-PO

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-02-AVL

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-03-Outsourcing Provider Registration Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-04-Purchase Request Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-05-Outsourced Services Details Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-06-Vendor Performance Report

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-07-3rd Party Risk Management Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-OTSR-08-Supplier Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement

Company Name-ITAMS-4-Asset Formats

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-01-IT Asset Inventory Register

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-02-Idendtification of IT Asset Tag

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-03-IT Asset Transfer Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-04-IT Asset Disposal Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-05-IT Asset Purchase Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-06-Disposal of Non-Confirming IT Asset

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-07-Hardware Inventory List

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-08-Authorization Sheet

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-09-Authorization Request Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-10-IT Asset Request Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-11-IT Asset Register

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-12-IT Asset Loss Form

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-13-Network Policy Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-14-Network Users Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-AST-15-Network Equipment Register

Company Name-ITAMS-5-Hardware maintenance Formats

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-HWM-01-Breakdown History Card

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-HWM-02-Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Company Name-ITAMS-6-Admin

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-ADMN-01-P&E Security Template

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-ADMN-02-Visitor Access Register

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-ADMN-03-P&E Security TEMPLATE

Company Name-FRM-ITAMS-ADMN-04-IT Asset Movement Register

5-CompanyName-ITAMS-Job descriptions

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Accountant

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Asset Engineer

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Asset Manager

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-CEO

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Contractor

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Finance Manager

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-HRD In-Charge

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-ITAMS Coordinator

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Legal Manager

Company Name-ITAMS-Job Description-Purchase Head

6-CompanyName-ITAMS-MRM Agenda & Minutes

Company Name-ITAMS-MRM Agenda_01

Company Name-ITAMS-MRM Minutes_01


Company Name-ITAMS-EXHB-01-Stakeholders Needs & Expectations

Company Name-ITAMS-EXHB-02-Document Identification and Codification System

Company Name-ITAMS-EXHB-03-Scope of work

Company Name-ITAMS-EXHB-HRD-01-Skills Requirements

Company Name-ITAMS-EXHB-HRD-02-Multi Skill Requirements


Company Name-ITAMS-SAMP-01-Strategic IT asset management plan

Company Name-ITAMS-SOP-01-Server Handling

Company Name-ITAMS-SOP-02-Removable Media

Company Name-ITAMS-SOP-03-Business Continuity

Company Name-ITAMS-SOP-04-IT Asset Management

9-CompanyName-ITAMS-Risk Analysis Sheet-SAMPLE



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- What are the formats of the templates and documents?

Each documentation toolkit includes items created using
Microsoft Office so that they can be opened and edited by latest Microsoft
Office. Templates are Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

- Can I edit the templates and documents?

Yes, all the documents are editable.

- How will I receive the documents after purchase?

The documents will be ready to be downloaded once you
complete the payment.

You can contact us on info@ucsiso.com
if had any issues with downloading the documents and our team will get in touch
with you immediately to resolve the issue.

- How my organization become ISO standard certified?

Our ISO documentation toolkits are designed and created to
help in implementing the management system that meets the requirements of each
international standard. To become certified, you need to contact a Registered
Certification Body in your country.

- What to do if I have payment issue?

You can contact us on info@ucsiso.com
for our team to support you in resolving the issue.

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We can create any ISO documentation toolkit or training material as per your request from our expert team. Contact us and share your inquiry details. Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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ISO 19770-1 Documentation Toolkit